/** * REST API: WP_REST_Response class * * @package WordPress * @subpackage REST_API * @since 4.4.0 */ /** * Core class used to implement a REST response object. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @see WP_HTTP_Response */ class WP_REST_Response extends WP_HTTP_Response { /** * Links related to the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * @var array */ protected $links = array(); /** * The route that was to create the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * @var string */ protected $matched_route = ''; /** * The handler that was used to create the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * @var null|array */ protected $matched_handler = null; /** * Adds a link to the response. * * @internal The $rel parameter is first, as this looks nicer when sending multiple. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @link https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988 * @link https://www.iana.org/assignments/link-relations/link-relations.xml * * @param string $rel Link relation. Either an IANA registered type, * or an absolute URL. * @param string $href Target URI for the link. * @param array $attributes Optional. Link parameters to send along with the URL. Default empty array. */ public function add_link( $rel, $href, $attributes = array() ) { if ( empty( $this->links[ $rel ] ) ) { $this->links[ $rel ] = array(); } if ( isset( $attributes['href'] ) ) { // Remove the href attribute, as it's used for the main URL. unset( $attributes['href'] ); } $this->links[ $rel ][] = array( 'href' => $href, 'attributes' => $attributes, ); } /** * Removes a link from the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @param string $rel Link relation. Either an IANA registered type, or an absolute URL. * @param string $href Optional. Only remove links for the relation matching the given href. * Default null. */ public function remove_link( $rel, $href = null ) { if ( ! isset( $this->links[ $rel ] ) ) { return; } if ( $href ) { $this->links[ $rel ] = wp_list_filter( $this->links[ $rel ], array( 'href' => $href ), 'NOT' ); } else { $this->links[ $rel ] = array(); } if ( ! $this->links[ $rel ] ) { unset( $this->links[ $rel ] ); } } /** * Adds multiple links to the response. * * Link data should be an associative array with link relation as the key. * The value can either be an associative array of link attributes * (including `href` with the URL for the response), or a list of these * associative arrays. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @param array $links Map of link relation to list of links. */ public function add_links( $links ) { foreach ( $links as $rel => $set ) { // If it's a single link, wrap with an array for consistent handling. if ( isset( $set['href'] ) ) { $set = array( $set ); } foreach ( $set as $attributes ) { $this->add_link( $rel, $attributes['href'], $attributes ); } } } /** * Retrieves links for the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @return array List of links. */ public function get_links() { return $this->links; } /** * Sets a single link header. * * @internal The $rel parameter is first, as this looks nicer when sending multiple. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @link https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5988 * @link https://www.iana.org/assignments/link-relations/link-relations.xml * * @param string $rel Link relation. Either an IANA registered type, or an absolute URL. * @param string $link Target IRI for the link. * @param array $other Optional. Other parameters to send, as an assocative array. * Default empty array. */ public function link_header( $rel, $link, $other = array() ) { $header = '<' . $link . '>; rel="' . $rel . '"'; foreach ( $other as $key => $value ) { if ( 'title' === $key ) { $value = '"' . $value . '"'; } $header .= '; ' . $key . '=' . $value; } $this->header( 'Link', $header, false ); } /** * Retrieves the route that was used. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @return string The matched route. */ public function get_matched_route() { return $this->matched_route; } /** * Sets the route (regex for path) that caused the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @param string $route Route name. */ public function set_matched_route( $route ) { $this->matched_route = $route; } /** * Retrieves the handler that was used to generate the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @return null|array The handler that was used to create the response. */ public function get_matched_handler() { return $this->matched_handler; } /** * Retrieves the handler that was responsible for generating the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @param array $handler The matched handler. */ public function set_matched_handler( $handler ) { $this->matched_handler = $handler; } /** * Checks if the response is an error, i.e. >= 400 response code. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @return bool Whether the response is an error. */ public function is_error() { return $this->get_status() >= 400; } /** * Retrieves a WP_Error object from the response. * * @since 4.4.0 * * @return WP_Error|null WP_Error or null on not an errored response. */ public function as_error() { if ( ! $this->is_error() ) { return null; } $error = new WP_Error; if ( is_array( $this->get_data() ) ) { $data = $this->get_data(); $error->add( $data['code'], $data['message'], $data['data'] ); if ( ! empty( $data['additional_errors'] ) ) { foreach( $data['additional_errors'] as $err ) { $error->add( $err['code'], $err['message'], $err['data'] ); } } } else { $error->add( $this->get_status(), '', array( 'status' => $this->get_status() ) ); } return $error; } /** * Retrieves the CURIEs (compact URIs) used for relations. * * @since 4.5.0 * * @return array Compact URIs. */ public function get_curies() { $curies = array( array( 'name' => 'wp', 'href' => 'https://api.w.org/{rel}', 'templated' => true, ), ); /** * Filters extra CURIEs available on API responses. * * CURIEs allow a shortened version of URI relations. This allows a more * usable form for custom relations than using the full URI. These work * similarly to how XML namespaces work. * * Registered CURIES need to specify a name and URI template. This will * automatically transform URI relations into their shortened version. * The shortened relation follows the format `{name}:{rel}`. `{rel}` in * the URI template will be replaced with the `{rel}` part of the * shortened relation. * * For example, a CURIE with name `example` and URI template * `http://w.org/{rel}` would transform a `http://w.org/term` relation * into `example:term`. * * Well-behaved clients should expand and normalise these back to their * full URI relation, however some naive clients may not resolve these * correctly, so adding new CURIEs may break backward compatibility. * * @since 4.5.0 * * @param array $additional Additional CURIEs to register with the API. */ $additional = apply_filters( 'rest_response_link_curies', array() ); return array_merge( $curies, $additional ); } } Spiritual Gifts and Values | You Matter Life Coaching

Spiritual Gifts and Values

My Spiritual Gifts



The ability to steer people toward the accomplishment of their goals by carefully and strategically planning, organizing, and  supervising.


  • Develop strategies or plans to reach identified goals
  • Assist ministries to become more effective and efficient
  • Create order out of organizational chaos
  • Manage or coordinate a variety of responsibilities to accomplish a task
  • Organize people, tasks, or events


The ability to set goals and to communicate these goals to others in such a way that they voluntarily and harmoniously work towards accomplishing these goals. To cast vision, motivate, and assist people in moving towards their purpose.


  • Provide direction to  people
  • Motivate others to perform to the best of their abilities
  • Present the “big picture” for others to see
  • Model the values of their ministry
  • Take responsibility and establish goals

Intercession / Prayer

The ability to pray on a regular basis on behalf of and for others and see frequent and specific answers to their prayers to a degree much greater than that which is expected.


  • Have a daily awareness of the battles being waged
  • Exercise authority and power for the protection of others


The gift to recognize blessings and to respond to those blessings by generously, sacrificially, and cheerfully giving of one’s resources (time, talent, and treasure) without thought of return.


  • Manage their finances and limit their lifestyle in order to give as much of their resources as possible
  • Support the work of ministry with sacrificial gifts
  • Meet tangible needs that enable growth to occur
  • Provide resources, generously and cheerfully


The ability to work gladly behind the scenes, or to serve in a supporting role, or to invest their talents in helping other people increase their effectiveness. To accomplish practical and necessary tasks which free-up, support, and meet the needs of other people.


  • Serve behind the scenes whenever needed to support the gifts and ministries of others (without having to be asked)
  • See the tangible and practical things to be done and enjoy doing them
  • Has pleasure in meeting every day responsibilities
  • Would rather do a job than find someone else to do it

Pastor / Shepherd

The ability to assume a personal responsibility for leadership and the care, protection, guidance, and feeding (teaching) of people. The divine enablement to nurture, care for, and guide people toward on-going maturity.


  • Take responsibility to nurture the whole person in their walk
  • Provide guidance and oversight to people
  • Model with their life what it means to be a fully devoted in their walk and talk
  • Establish trust and confidence through long-term relationships
  • Lead and protect those within their span of care.

My Top 5 Values:

Love.  “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor 13:13 From childhood, I know first-hand how not having love can harm someone’s mental health. Luckily, I found Jesus when I was 14. I knew His love. I knew He always wanted me. I knew He made me for a reason. I knew love because of Him. As a result, I have so much love for people. Everyone has a story, everyone matters. I want to shower people with words of love, encouragement, hope, praise, truth, compassion, confidence, accountability, and let them hear God’s love. Yes, I value love for God, and love for people.

Faith. I value my faith very much. There’s nothing closely like it in the world to know God, feel Him in your core, live with Him daily, depend on Him, praise Him, walk with Him, talk with Him, listen to Him…as I sit typing this, I just got goose bumps…my  faith in Jesus Christ knowing He died on the cross for my sins so that I may have eternal life…my faith and belief in God is my core and I trust in Him completely. He has my heart for better or for worse. My life and what I do are for Him. “If you have faith as small a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

Integrity. The definition of integrity – the complete adherence to a code of especially moral values. Doing what’s right (in action and in word) even when no one is looking. No matter what…integrity is an unimpaired condition. Integrity is the second core value in the Air Force, something I have upheld since I enlisted in the Delayed Enlistment program, the beginning of my senior year in high school, right after I turned 17. Integrity is crucial.

Security. For me security provides balance, protection, necessary aspects for life (food, shelter), peace, joy, clarity, and trust. It encompasses my whole being. My vulnerability is gone and I am fully open because I feel safe. No fear, no hesitation, no qualms. My wings are open and I am able to soar high. Being thankful for what I do have and not harping on what I don’t is a secure mindset.

Freedom. On a military note, after deploying to Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kuwait, I’ve seen firsthand that freedom isn’t free.  For example, a Muslim man was put to death because he converted to Christianity.  As an American, this is a right, a luxury that is often taken for granted. Numerous lives have been lost over this word. Freedom. There are some people that will never be free. Now on a personal note, I was in a class at church called Freedom 301. It’s amazing how you become alive after you let something go. No weight on your shoulder or in your heart…you feel peace. It’s no longer a nebulous path you are on…you see clearly.Freedom is Freedom.